Safe Lawns In Door County

All Door County property owners can be a part of supporting a healthy environment by reducing pesticide/herbicide use in lawn care. Consider

your own family ( adults, children, pets) exposed to chemicals on your lawn while they enjoy the outdoors.  Are synthetic lawn chemicals being used in public areas such as schools and parks where your children are playing? Are harmful chemicals entering our water?  Why use potentially harmful lawn treatments when there are safe options available?

It is time for us to be aware of safe choices.  Door Property Owners strives to make sure residents are aware of the potential health risks to people and pets in the misuse of lawn care herbicides and pesticides.  And will also provide resources and information on healthier alternatives. 

It is time to protect our children/grandchildren from exposure, as well as ourselves.  Each property owner must take responsibility.  Think about it. The decision is easy to make.  Choose health!

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