Here is an opportunity to be informed about an increasing threat to the peninsula’s environment and the health of the groundwater that many of us rely on: The only large concentrated animal feeding operation in Door County needs to have its permit for pollutant discharges renewed, while it proposes expansion from 6395 to 10177 animal units. The CAFO in question, S&S Ag Enterprises, is located in the town of Forestville. It rents over 10.000 acres in Southern and Northern Door County for the purpose of spreading untreated agricultural sewage (aka “liquid manure”). These fields are marked by white rectangular signs carrying a 3 digit number at the side of the highways. Information on the adequacy of these fields for safe sewage spraying is incomplete.

Concerned citizens should attend a hearing on March 2 at 9:00 AM conducted by the DNR at the Forestville Town Hall, located in Maplewood on Cty H  about ¼ mile west of Hwy 42. The hearing will focus on compliance with the Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System. It will be important to verify that all the acres used for spreading have at least the required 24” of soil depth to reduce the risk of ground water pollution. The fields, especially in Northern Door need to be evaluated for the presence of bedrock fissures and any size of sinkholes. Their avoidance must be assured. The presence of a respectable number of critical citizens will impress the DNR officials of the need for thorough evaluation and application of effective permit conditions. Unfortunately other CAFO concerns, such as odors and road damage cannot be addressed at the hearing. Since the hearing hall is small it is important to arrive early and to register as opposed to the proposal. Use DPO to identify affiliation. DPO will provide written testimony.