The Tower Meeting with Senator Lassee and representatives from the DNR was packed! I handed the 1612 signature petition to the DNR Rep……… was 2 inches thick! THANK-YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! If we hadn’t stepped up to the plate, the Eagle Tower would have been bulldozed on Nov 17th.  I have posted the handouts from the meeting below. Notice the dates; the DNR waited until the last minute to do their tests. The previous long range/master plan was initiated in 1996. Eagle Tower was not mentioned -that’s probably why maintenance was  ignored.

The DNR still has not made a decision on what they will do about Eagle Tower, repair or rebuild.  I felt that they were leaning towards rebuilding but then there was a question if they would do so on the existing footprint or rebuild in a different location because of traffic concerns.  If they did rebuild the tower it would have to be ADA compliant. A few of us felt that the DNR was “Stonewalling”………..dragging their feet.
Trying to get the Tower registered as a historical structure was also discussed and will be looked into.  Senator Lasee is also proposing a bill to acquire funding ($300,000) for the tower through the state stewardship fund. This amount would only cover a small portion of amount that would be needed ($1.7 – $2.5 million) for new construction.  Reconstruction would cost between $540,000-$650,000 depending on many components.  (see attachments).  Either way, it is quite obvious that public funding will be necessary.
Next Thursday we will have a committee meeting to discuss setting everything up for a capital campaign. If you would like to join the committee, please e-mail me at At this point Senator Lassee thinks pledges would be appropriate. If the DNR decided to bulldoze the tower, how would we return donations?
Kathie Vavra
I will continue to pass on any information as it becomes available.

DNR Report 1
DNR Report 2
MSA Peer Review
Tower Fact Sheet 1
Tower FactSheet 2