wheatClaim:   U.S. farmers are saturating wheat crops with Roundup herbicide as a desiccant before each harvest, causing an increase in wheat-related ailments.


  1. I read an article claiming that grain crops in the U.S., particularly wheat, are routinely sprayed heavily with roundup before harvest. This is done to promote a heavier crop, it says, but the toxic Roundup is absorbed by the grains and enters our food chain. I thought roundup broke down and became harmless in 24 hours, and wasn’t to be used on food crops.

2.Our family has been wheat/cattle ranchers for generations. And we’ve never heard of anyone doing this and we ourselves sure don’t. We raise winter wheat on 2,000 acres in NW Oklahoma on the incorporated family farm. The wheat usually doesn’t need help to “die” so it can be harvested.
The article is long, but well worth the read!

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