This is an anthology of currently available comments about the effect of CLADOPHORA. I would hope to get a total of 50-100 comments that would illustrate a letter from DPO to all regulators, lawmakers and political candidates.

If you are a proprty owner in Door County who has an opinion about cladophora on your property please contact us or post your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Random statements from Door County shoreline property owners:

“As a shoreline property owner in the town of Gardner, I am very concerned about the water quality of the bay.  When I purchased my property about 15 years ago, I did not notice a big problem with the green slimy algae.  Ever since then, the problem has been getting worse.  Here are some of my complaints:

1.        The odor smells like raw sewage driving me and my guests inside.  In hot weather, the odor comes through the open windows and stinks up my house.

2.       I feel like I lost access to the water because sometime the slime is so thick, for health reasons, I do not want to wade through it to get to clear water.

3.       This slime attaches to other weeds chocking out oxygen and fish habitat.

4.       My property value has gone down, because anyone inspecting the property notices the offensive odor.

5.       The local swimming area many times is full of the algae at the shoreline making swimmers search for the clearest area to get at the water.

6.       I personally developed hives after wading through the algae to get into the deeper water.

7.       I am concerned about the preservation of one of Wisconsin’s most precious resources, the Green Bay watershed.

8.        I am concerned about unsafe septic systems in the area that may contribute to the problem.

9.        I am very concerned about truck loads of liquid manure coming into the County and being dumped near waterways.

I support the Door Property Owner’s efforts to bring this issue forward to Wisconsin State Government.”


“Gary and I have also noticed how smelly it is on the shoreline.  When we walk our dogs past Sunset Bar & Grill you can hardly stand the smell….how can those people tolerate sitting outside and eating a meal.  I won’t do it just for that reason.  We also want to sit on our swing and enjoy the view…sometime when it was so hot out and the temps rose we could only take sitting out there a little while.  Meanwhile our shore line is filling up with “junk”, the water is low and we can’t even take our boat out to go fishing.  It is a very unproductive year as far as fishing”. From Rileys Point, Gardner


“I write in frustration and dissatisfaction with the DNR and SCS.  We as high paying shore front property owners would like to sit on our decks but can’t because of the foul smell from the cladophora.   We will never understand how the Towns Gardner and Nasawaupee can be used for dumping areas for a Kewaunee County Dairy.  I have personally witnessed 35 tankers being dumped on land contiguous to Little Sturgeon Bay.  It doesn’t take a soil scientist genius to figure out that  dumping further away from the Bays would provide an environmental filter.  We on Rileys Bay expect accountability of the DNR and SCS and their cooperation as to prevent litigation.” From Rileys Bay, Gardner


 Southern Door300“My husband and I are new homeowners (since March 2012) on Lake Forest Park Road in Sturgeon Bay. When we bought the property, we noticed the algae on the beach, but as it was late winter, it wasn’t much of an issue. We were assured by the realtor that the cladophora would be gone by May or June. Color us “pigeons” but we wanted to believe her, and to be fair, she may have believed it herself.

Well, here it is at the end of July and needless to say, the algae are not gone, and in fact dramatically worse. The accumulation of algae is such that there is a 20 foot span of pure muck between the sand and the water’s edge, If someone walked out onto it, they’d sink down to their knees. Believe me, we’ve done it.
Further north on the shore, it doesn’t seem to be quite as bad, most likely due to the configuration of the land, but here at 3364 Lake Forest Park Road, it’s a mess. It’s basically like living next to a giant compost heap.  When the weather’s hot and the sun beats down, the smell of rotting algae recalls raw sewage. Not very nice, and certainly not what we were hoping for when we invested in this property.
If the state government has money to clean this up, I would love to know what they are waiting for.” From Sevastopol


“Early in the summer we have had the algae only slightly affect us. This has taken the form of mess on the beach and occasional odor. This past week it has affected our rentals.

We had a family of 5 travel 7 hours to Door Co. only to arrive and find the odor so overwhelming that they decided to not rent our cabin. We will reimburse their rental fees in full. This was heartbreaking for all involved. So…the situation has now affected our rentals and we are worried about the entire summer being a wash. The problem is especially bad with the 4 or 5 homes to our immediate left and right. We hope that some action can be taken to remedy the algae situation…

I do not know what you and your fine group of concerned citizens might be able to do, but we are very concerned. We rent our cabin in the summers to help pay taxes and now that is in jeopardy.” From Lake Forest Park, Sevastopol


“My pier and ramp were an asset to my property but have become a liability since about 2005 when the present cladophora problem began to develop. It continues to get worse from year to year. The load of algae is extreme in 2012. When the algae tear loose from the offshore rocks and remain in shallow water they rot and emit large bubbles of methane along with intense putrid odor. Gathering the algae with a manure fork and throwing them to higher ground is back-breaking but effective. This work must be repeated after any significant wave action. Repeatedly transporting 20 to 50 wheelbarrow loads of heavy wet algae is not anyone’s ideal of comfortable retirement. I have no doubt that the realistic market value of my property has dropped by about 25%.

We know from measurements done over the past 11 years that the phosphate content of the bay is exceeding EPA norms with increasing intensity and frequency. Intervention is necessary and overdue.” From Little Sturgeon, Gardner***

We have lived on Little Sturgeon for many years and the odor problem caused by the algae has gotten worse over the years.  Just recently some friends gathered at our house on the bay for our annual get together and we decided although the weather outside was fantastic, we would have to eat inside with the air conditioning on and the windows closed, due to the putrid odor outside.  We pride ourselves with the beautiful view of the bay.  However, recently the odor has significantly changed our ability to swim, boat and enjoy the water. From Town of Gardner

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